EVERY FRIDAY from 6:30-9:30pm

Metro Entertainment is proud to host this weekly Standard Deck Tournament, giving players a chance to play one-on-one with their best strategies plus offer a shot at cool FOIL prize cards in the process. Every month a new card and every week a new chance to win!


Open Miniature Wargaming
 All Day
 Join Warmachine/Hordes players for strategy battle games!  We have tables and terrain available, please call ahead or email to reserve a table.

2pm-4pm ($5)
 Come to Metro to play Pokémon in league style play, fun for all ages! All players earn points towards exclusive Pokémon prizes and earn their League badge! Entry fee includes a FREE Pokémon booster pack of your choice just for entering!
 See the Pokémon OP Website for more information or email us at the store for details.


YU-GI-OH! Constructed Tournament
12:00pm - $5 Entry Fee

Tournament is Swiss-style and uses the Limited & Forbidden List

3:00pm - $5 Entry Fee

Unsanctioned, open Magic gaming invites every deck and level of play to join us for a three round tournament.  Prizes for top places and an entry pack for all participants.

For more information, please contact us